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Okey good people, as you know there’s been lots of things to sort out lately – that part is coming to an end;) Meaning more time and focus on the way to success, and that’s where you guys can help me… all I’m asking is that if any of you have a wish for what comes next on this website, give me a shoutout on what – The person that is most visible and in action will receive a really nice price in the end of this year:)

So just get it on and let’s work together on this one;) Thank you anyway for following this page! C

Sweater: Tiger of Sweden – Shirt: Ralph Lauren – Shorts: Morris – Shoes: Lottusse – Favorite notebooks: Beik1814 (To see “where to buy”, simply tap the link)

How do you tie a bow tie?


Here are the step-by-step instructions

  1. Place the bow tie around your neck, with the right-hand side about 1 ½ inches longer than the left-hand side, so that the tapered middle of the longer end is lined up with the bottom edge of the shorter end. (The longer end will be the FRONT of the finished bow tie.)
  2. Slip the shorter end under the longer end.
  3. Tuck the long end under the short end, just like the first step when tying a shoelace.
  4. Adjust the tightness of the bow tie now – you won’t be able to change the tightness later!
  5. Take the dangling shorter end and double it over itself by folding the wider part of the top of the hourglass shape in half.
  6. Pinch the center of the folded piece and place it over the top button of your shirt. You will continue to hold it there for the rest of the knot-tying process. Your index finger will provide a path for the other end of the later on.
  7. Now fold the other end of the tie over itself, just as you did for the first end.
  8. Hold the new folded end perpendicular to the first folded end, forming a cross-shape.
  9. Place the new folded end under the first by passing it through the hole behind the first bow (where your index finger is), forming a knot in the center, just over the top button of your shirt. Use your index finger to push the new folded edge through.
  10. Now pull on the ends of both bows to tighten the knot.
  11. Adjust the ends of the bow tie to make sure they are even.
  12. Don’t ever give up, it’s easy once you get the hang of it.

Now, go out, be a gentleman and have a blast! :)

How do you groom your hair?

Grooming your hair means making your signatur. Any man can get a haircut, what you make of it when you get home is an entirely different matter. It does not need to be any harder than it is today, just a little different.

The products I use today comes from Kevin Murphy.



First you wash the hair useing MAXI.WASH IMG_1051

Then you spray your entire hair with HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY, before you blowdry it in the opposite direction of how you style it…IMG_1049

Then you powder the main area on the top with a small amount of POWDER.PUFF. Remember to make sure that it lands near by the roots and not only on the tips of your hair.IMG_1055

Finally you shape your hair useing the paste called NIGHT.RIDER. Remember to use both your palms to even it out with and do it in every direction while twisting and turning a little bit;) IMG_1058If you need to use some more powder to get more volume, that’s no problem. But remember that less is more and to much will give the wrong impression and results.

In the near future I will display a video about this, but for now, good luck with your hairgrooming:)

KM1The products will last for 30 – 45 days and costs in total around 800 NOK.

You’ll find them at Jojo and Friends in Oslo.